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The Seated Overhead Press Will Give You Some Loopy Higher Physique Power

Torn between watching Netflix and figuring out? I get it. However what if I instructed you there was a transfer you may do to tone your arms, abs, shoulders, and again whereas sitting down?

It’s referred to as the seated overhead press. It’s type of just like a army shoulder press, however as an alternative of utilizing your body weight as resistance, you’ll use a set of dumbbells to double down on the muscle features.

Sounds good? I’ll break down how to do a seated overhead press with step-by-step directions under, plus advantages, variations, and extra.

How To Do A Seated Overhead Press

In any seated place that you simply really feel snug, sit with good posture (shoulders over hips, backbone impartial, navel drawn in). Deliver dumbbells to your shoulders with bent arms and your elbows huge to your sides however nonetheless seen in your periphery.
Press one weight straight overhead till your arm is totally straight. Pause, then slowly decrease again to the beginning place.
 Repeat on the opposite aspect.

Reps/units for greatest outcomes: I like to recommend three units of 10 to 15 reps for greatest outcomes.

What Are The Advantages Of The Seated Overhead Press?

The seated overhead press will construct power by way of your shoulders, chest, biceps and triceps (hiya, higher physique power!). Plus, doing this transfer in a seated place helps you focus extra on isolating your shoulders, as an alternative of overcompensating together with your legs.

The seated press may also mean you can focus in your type, so whenever you’re doing a standing overhead press, you’ll look and get outcomes like a professional.

Bonus profit: For those who maintain an engaged core (which you need to), you’ll get some abs work in there, too!

Variations Of The Seated Overhead Press

Add tempo to your seated overhead press: Push the load up in a single second after which decrease it down slowly for 5 seconds. This can allow you to focus in your type and construct power faster.
Do the press in a kneeling place: This variation of an overhead press challenges your core much more as a result of your base is much less steady and also you’re in a position to squeeze and have interaction your glutes, which is able to assist activate your deep core stabilizer muscle mass.

How To Add The Seated Overhead Press To Your Exercise

Pair it with a pulling movement: Do that transfer after a bent over row or chin-ups, to be able to alternate the push and pull actions of your exercise. This can guarantee your physique is getting sufficient relaxation because it does work.
Add it to your arms day: This an awesome transfer to do in case you’re capturing for hypertrophy, a.ok.a. constructing muscle! Incorporate this motion into your exercise with a heavyweight, relaxation for two to three minutes, then repeat for the total three units.

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