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Put together for the 2019-2020 Flu Season

In our final publication, I defined how Google is censoring various well being info. Nicely, as we speak we’re going to speak a couple of particular instance–and this one may have lethal implications for you and your loved ones.

Astonishingly, if you happen to search on Google for details about the upcoming flu season, all you’ll get as of September 13th is generic details about the flu and the necessity for vaccination since (as claimed by the CDC) vaccines scale back the danger of getting the flu by 40-60%. (Hey, factors to the media for getting nearer to actuality right here. They used to say 50-90% effectiveness. By the way, final yr’s vaccine was solely 29% efficient.)

What you received’t discover is far details about Australia. And why is that necessary? Nicely, for these of you who keep in mind your highschool science courses, seasons are reversed for nations beneath the equator. The center of summer time for these of us within the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia is the center of winter for Australia. And that implies that Australia is at the moment in the midst of their flu season. Historically, then, the kind of flu season that Australia experiences throughout the June, July, and August winter season is an indicator of what we are able to sit up for as soon as ours begins in October. And when your Google search does produce an article about this yr’s flu season in Australia, it just about says that it’s no huge deal and that any claims on the contrary are misrepresented.

Oh, and for sure, you received’t discover any details about the upcoming flu season from any various well being web sites anyplace close to the highest of Google’s rankings. However you already knew that, didn’t you?

Why These Studies Are Deceptive and Why Google’s Censorship is Placing Your Well being at Danger

Flu season usually runs from October to Might, with most circumstances taking place from late December to early March. To permit individuals an opportunity to construct immunity to the flu earlier than they’re prone to encounter it, the flu vaccine is normally provided from September till mid-November. However guess what? This flu season began in August, which implies:

For lots of people, this yr’s vaccination shall be too late to assist
This yr’s flu season is prone to be for much longer than regular

This Yr the Flu Arrived Early–Very Early

In accordance with an August 29th information report from KCCI in Des Moines Iowa, clinics began seeing flu circumstances in August. As Dr. Jennifer Lengthy from the Unity Level Clinic informed KCCI, her clinic usually begins administering flu pictures in mid-September. That is the primary time she has seen circumstances this early. Even worse, as famous within the KCCI report:

“Often by now we’ve got a good quantity of our vaccines in inventory,” stated Jeff Brock, a pharmacy specialist for infectious illnesses at MercyOne [health care facilities]. “We actually simply bought some in as we speak. So, we actually don’t have an excellent provide but for our vaccines.”

As Brock defined, “They’d bother selecting the strains for the flu vaccine, so for some producers, their manufacturing bought pushed again by a month.” In different phrases, if the flu had been following its regular schedule, vaccine provide can be working a couple of month delayed. With the flu working greater than a month early, that places the vaccine provide over two months delayed. How huge an issue are we speaking about? In accordance with CDC knowledge, we’re speaking about 40% of the U.S. flu vaccine market, or about 70 million doses working late.

By the way, in Australia, the flu additionally broke out two months earlier than it was anticipated. As I already talked about, the USA makes use of Australia’s flu season to foretell the yr’s traits. In accordance with Dr. Lengthy, “I believe that reveals us rather a lot as to why we’re seeing it in August already.” And make no mistake, this downside will not be remoted to Des Moines. Native medical doctors in Atlanta had been likewise reporting flu circumstances beginning to seem in August, over a month forward of schedule. And San Diego County in California really reported its first flu dying of the season on August 15th!! The early arrival of the flu this yr is a actuality taking place coast to coast.

And It’s Not Simply Early–This Yr’s Flu Is Nasty

In accordance with the Middle for Infectious Illness Analysis and Coverage, final yr about 40 million People caught the flu and over 57,000 died. But when the present flu season in Australia is any indicator, the quantity who get sick this yr within the U.S. could possibly be even greater.

In accordance with the Australia Broadcast Company, by mid-August, the flu had contaminated greater than 200,000 and killed over 400–very giant numbers for Australia. Based mostly simply on infections, it’s the second worst flu season in recent times. The typical age of dying has been within the mid-80s, however what’s stunning even well being professionals is how briskly this season’s flu can strike down the very wholesome.

In accordance with the identical ABC report, these two x-rays reveal why in any other case wholesome individuals are being hit by this yr’s flu so badly.

X-rays present somebody with reasonable flu on the left and somebody badly affected with flu on the correct.

“If you happen to have a look at a reasonable flu, the lung is totally clear, however if you happen to have a look at a extreme flu, the lung is totally worn out,” stated Dr. Benjamin Tang, head of Nepean Genomic Analysis Group, which works with sufferers at Nepean Hospital’s intensive care unit in New South Wales.

Within the extreme flu x-ray, the lung harm has been caused by white blood cells known as neutrophils, that are the physique’s first responders to flu.

However in analysis simply printed within the journal Nature Communications, Dr. Tang explains why in some individuals the neutrophil response goes too far and might be deadly for the younger and wholesome.

“Sufferers with extreme illness show extreme neutrophil extracellular traps formation, neutrophil-inflammation and delayed apoptosis, all of which have been related to deadly consequence in animal fashions. Extreme neutrophil activation correlates with worsening oxygenation impairment and predicted deadly consequence.”

Super ViraGon from Baseline NutritionalsSuper ViraGon from Baseline Nutritionals

If this sounds acquainted, it ought to. It’s a variation of the cytokine storm. For these of you who don’t keep in mind from our earlier newsletters what that’s, a cytokine storm is an overproduction of immune cells and their activating compounds (cytokines), which, in a flu an infection, is commonly related to a surge of activated immune cells into the lungs. Though with this yr’s flu, it doesn’t look like cytokine-mediated, it undoubtedly does seem to set off “a surge of activated immune cells into the lungs” that ends in oxygen impairment and deadly outcomes. You possibly can consider it as a kissing cousin of the usual cytokine storm.

And now let’s have a look at the important thing line within the research–the very first line within the research’s abstract, in reality. It immediately pertains to this yr’s flu which has been proven to set off neutrophil-related host elements related to extreme illness and fatality.

“Extreme influenza an infection has no efficient remedy obtainable.”

That is sort of necessary. It’s an admission from the medical group that in the case of the sort of flu we’re seeing this yr in Australia, the medical group has no efficient remedy for individuals who are severely affected. Happily, the choice well being group does have choices, and we’ll speak extra about these in a bit.

However for now, the underside line is that this yr’s flu may imply dangerous information for the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia.

It’s arriving two-months early, signally a for much longer season than regular.
The numbers of contaminated are prone to be on the excessive facet if for no different purpose than that yearly, society at giant is turning into increasingly cellular. As soon as the flu begins in a single nation–Australia–it’s going to unfold around the globe earlier and earlier. And it’s going to do it quicker and infect extra individuals annually.
And this yr’s flu seems to be on the nasty facet with a propensity towards triggering aggressive immune cell assaults on the lungs.
However except you dig deep, Google isn’t letting you see any of this for the reason that mainstream medical websites and mainstream media (the outcomes Google allows you to see) select to not go there. As a substitute, Google search outcomes just about limit you to “get vaccinated.”

Within the Spirit of Full Disclosure

I do need to point out that in accordance with a letter printed on-line within the Medical Journal of Australia, the media has misrepresented the severity of the present influenza season.

Dr. Vicky Sheppeard, Director of the Communicable Ailments Department at NSW Well being, and colleagues wrote of their letter that, to this point, the 2019 influenza season has been “reasonable,” in stark distinction to media headlines. This is because of a change from influenza analysis based mostly on serology to fast, extremely discriminatory polymerase chain response (PCR) testing which resulted within the variety of checks skyrocketing in NSW from 29,232 in 2010 to 338,828 in simply the primary 6 months of 2019.

In accordance with Dr. Sheppeard and her colleagues, “We have to look to different indicators to evaluate the burden of influenza relatively than the uncooked notification numbers.”

However right here’s the issue with that conclusion. PCR testing will not be new. It’s been round for 35 years. And fast PCR testing was launched in NSW in 2017, not 2019. This implies two issues:

Sure, fast PCR testing does certainly end in greater optimistic check outcomes for influenza than older methodologies, however extra importantly, it additionally ends in a decrease hospitalization charge. So, that necessary metric for figuring out flu severity will measure on the decrease facet.
And evaluating this season’s influenza an infection charges with final yr’s particularly nasty flu will not be problematic. It’s an apples to apples comparability, since fast PCR testing was utilized in each years.

Backside line: this yr’s flu is certainly displaying all indicators of being nasty, and it’s certainly infecting giant numbers of individuals.

2019-2020 Flu Season Conclusion

Let’s be clear right here. We don’t actually know but how this yr’s flu season will play out within the Northern Hemisphere, though we do have sturdy indicators. What we do know for certain is:

It’s arriving early–very early, nearly two months sooner than anticipated.
In the mean time, there’s a large scarcity of flu vaccine, for individuals who depend on it–and that’s with out even realizing whether or not or not the correct strains had been used within the vaccine.
Based mostly on the numbers out of Australia, it seems to be like a really giant variety of individuals are going to return down with the flu this yr.
This yr’s flu reveals at the very least some tendency to induce cytokine kind storms–i.e. extreme influenza infections–in a proportion of those that contract it.
And in the case of extreme influenza infections, there isn’t any efficient medical remedy obtainable.

So, what are your choices? Nicely, let’s begin with “the flu shot,” the medical possibility of alternative. As I’ve stated on earlier events, any vaccination, whether or not it’s for you or your kids, ought to be a private alternative. (Sadly, many states are shifting away from that possibility.) However that alternative ought to be based mostly on info, not worry and emotion. And no, the medical group doesn’t have unique entry to info. A few of what they are saying in regards to the flu vaccine is pure nonsense, corresponding to claims of 50-90% effectiveness and 100% security. However be mindful, even when it doesn’t “stop” the flu, vaccination “could” be helpful in lessening signs even if you’re uncovered to a pressure not particularly coated by the vaccine.

In any case, whether or not you get vaccinated or not, you will have two issues in your medication cupboard:

A pure immune enhancing components to reduce your possibilities of getting sick within the first place. A powerful immune system continues to be your greatest wager in avoiding the flu, or at the very least recover from it shortly if you happen to come down with it. To not point out the truth that if you happen to do get vaccinated, the stronger your immune system, the more practical your physique’s response to the vaccine shall be. That’s why the flu vaccine is a lot much less efficient within the very previous and really younger.
An excellent provide of a pure anti-pathogenic components to reduce the burden in your immune system if you happen to do come down with the flu. And extra to the purpose, contemplating this yr’s flu’s noticed connection to cytokine storms, utilizing an anti-pathogenic components will drastically scale back your possibilities of experiencing a cytokine storm, decrease your odds of succumbing to a secondary an infection, in addition to shorten each the period and depth of any flu that you simply do get–no matter whether or not or not you’ve been vaccinated. Having a superb provide of an anti-pathogenic components readily available is “sine qua non” for the beginning of any flu season. Whenever you begin coming down with the flu, you don’t need to face an empty medication cupboard. If you happen to wait till you’ve signs earlier than ordering your anti-pathogens, you’re too late. By the point your formulation arrive, you’ll not be coping with incubation part signs; you’ll be coping with the full-blown flu and all its nasty signs.

Word: As of Sept 30th, little has modified in the way in which of obtainable info. The CDC isn’t speaking about what’s coming. Actually, their solely press launch of be aware was the Sept 26th kick-off announcement for the 2019-2020 flu vaccine marketing campaign at a press convention held on the Nationwide Press Membership in Washington, D.C. And Google isn’t offering any new details about the upcoming flu season in its searches because it continues to censor various voices.

And talking of this yr’s flu vaccine, early indications are that the powers-that-be could not have chosen the right influenza strains to focus on with this yr’s vaccine. In different phrases, the vaccine could not work that properly. Its effectiveness could also be within the 30% vary VS the hoped for 50% vary. In that case, that provides you all of the extra purpose to maintain your immune system performing at optimum ranges AND to maintain your medication chest stocked with a potent pure anti-pathogenic components. If Google and the medical group aren’t going to care for you, it’s good to care for your self.

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