Getting the Most Out of Seated Cable Cuff Tricep Extensions

A key good thing about the seated cable cuff tricep extension train is the soundness it gives. As a result of you’ve got a bench for help, you possibly can preserve your shoulder blades locked down. This helps stop your shoulders from shifting and means you possibly can focus purely on directing stress by means of the triceps.


Utilizing a cable has the benefit of offering a reasonably fixed stress all through the rep that means it challenges the complete vary of movement properly.



A novel benefit of this train over different triceps extension variations is using cuffs moderately than a hand-held attachment. When the load is taken out of the fingers it’s simpler to deal with contracting the triceps moderately than simply transferring the load from A to B.


All too usually folks are inclined to fixate on their fingers and throwing the load round. This leads to momentum taking on and fewer work being carried out by the triceps. Through the use of the cuffs, you aren’t gripping the load and your focus is ready to be absolutely directed in the direction of the triceps.


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