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Frozen or contemporary? When Do Fruit and Greens Have Extra Nutritional vitamins?

“Frozen fruit and greens have extra nutritional vitamins than contemporary.” Certainly you’ve heard this declare earlier than, however is there any reality to it? We’ve taken a more in-depth have a look at fruit and greens and here’s what we discovered.

Recent or frozen — what’s more healthy? 

Recent isn’t at all times so contemporary 

Is there something higher than contemporary fruit and greens? However simply because it’s not frozen, doesn’t imply it’s contemporary. Fruit and greens typically need to be transported lengthy distances from the sphere to the grocery store. That is notably damaging for delicate nutritional vitamins like vitamin C (present in bell peppers, inexperienced beans, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, and citrus fruits). Poor temperature and lightweight circumstances mixed with publicity to oxygen result in a fast lack of vitamin C. 

A person cutting fresh vegetables

Do you know?

Fruit and greens saved at room temperature lose as much as 20% of their vitamin C content material every day; within the fridge it’s a lot much less. The fiber and mineral content material (e.g. iron) stay steady and don’t lower after longer storage or cooking.(1)

Purchase contemporary fruit and greens at your native farmers’ market and go for merchandise which can be in season.

Frozen meals is usually a good different

When fruit and greens are harvested to be frozen, they’re picked when they’re ripe and flash frozen instantly. This reduces the lack of vitamins.
In case you don’t eat fruit and greens shortly after you purchase them, it’s best to go for frozen. Frozen meals have extra nutritional vitamins and minerals than contemporary merchandise which were saved at room temperature or within the fridge. One research confirms that meals wealthy in vitamin C — like broccoli or inexperienced beans — are particularly delicate to dropping their dietary worth.(2)

A bowl of frozen blueberries and raspberries

A bowl of frozen blueberries and raspberries

One other research confirmed that the antioxidant content material in frozen blueberries was even larger than that of contemporary blueberries after three weeks.(three) An uninterrupted chilly chain is vital with frozen meals. That implies that it’s best to get the merchandise residence from the grocery store as shortly as doable, ideally in an insulated bag. 

Take note of how fruit and greens are processed

The vitamin and mineral content material in fruit and greens on the time of consumption will depend on how they have been processed. Steaming or stewing greens is healthier than boiling them. You can too simply eat them uncooked in a crunchy salad.  

An alternative choice is to ferment some sorts of greens (e.g. for sauerkraut or kimchi). Fermented meals are preserved in a approach that may make them much more nutritious than contemporary. 

Fruit is often eaten contemporary anyway. If you wish to eat seasonal fruit like cherries, peaches, or pears year-round, you can also make preserves. There gained’t be an enormous lack of nutritional vitamins, however take into account that fruit preserves don’t maintain without end. Be sure to make use of them inside a yr. The jars ought to be saved in a cool, dry, darkish place and will have an hermetic seal. 

A bowl of fresh vegetablesA bowl of fresh vegetables


A balanced food plan ought to embody contemporary AND frozen fruit and greens. Take note of the season and the rising area with contemporary merchandise. Attempt to keep away from lengthy transport routes throughout which vitamins are misplaced. Nonetheless, bear in mind that ready meals with frozen greens typically include plenty of fats, salt, and even sugar. All the time learn the checklist of elements before you purchase frozen meals.


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