Worldwide Yoga Day: The Historical past + Evolution of Yoga (Plus 11 Totally different Kinds of Yoga Defined)

In honor of Worldwide Yoga Day, we needed to take this chance to discover yoga on a deeper degree. When did it begin? What's the historical past of yoga and the way has it developed? What are the several types of yoga and what are their advantages?

Let's begin with the fundamentals. The phrase "yoga" comes from the Sanskrit phrase "yuj," which implies "to yoke" or "to bind." In essence, yoga means making a union. The phrase yoga first appeared in The Vedas, that are the sacred texts of Hinduism.

30 Sanskrit Phrases Generally Utilized in Yoga Outlined and Defined

Individuals interpret "union" in several methods. Some say the union of thoughts, physique, and soul. Others imagine the breath and physique. Others nonetheless imagine the merging of the soul with the universe or divine supply vitality.

Whereas the precise origin of yoga is unknown, there’s a legend that can provide us some perception.

The Historical past of Yoga 101: The Legend of Shiva

It’s generally accepted that Shiva is the "Adiyogi" or the originator of yoga.

Hundreds of years in the past, he achieved non secular enlightenment on prime of the Himalayas. Excited by this revelation he danced, after which, he turned nonetheless. Shiva was utterly immersed within the current second, one thing nobody had seen earlier than.

After listening to information of his discovery, individuals gathered to look at him. Whereas most got here and went, seven males stayed.

These seven males turned generally known as the seven rishis. Shiva shared what he realized and put totally different elements of yoga into these seven males, which turned the seven types of yoga.

The seven types of yoga embody:

Raja Yoga – the yoga of the thoughts
Karma Yoga – the yoga of motion
Jnana Yoga – the yoga of data and knowledge
Bhakti Yoga – the yoga of devotion and love for God
Mantra Yoga – the yoga of primordial sounds
Tantra Yoga – the yoga of energies
Hatha Yoga – the yoga of steadiness in our our bodies

This created the muse for the kinds of yoga we apply as we speak. Whether or not Shiva actually exists stays a thriller.

Curious In regards to the Origin and Historical past of Yoga? Right here's the CliffNotes Model

The Historical past of Yoga as It Advanced: The Bhagavad Gita

Whereas nobody is aware of the precise date yoga started, there’s an historical scripture, The Bhagavad Gita, which outlines the founding ideas of yoga. Written between 400BCE and 200CE, this epic poem breaks down yogic philosophy.

The 2 fundamental characters are Hindu deity Krishna and a warrior named Arjuna. Within the epic, Arjuna stands in the midst of battle on the brink of combat. However he hesitates, realizing that combating and killing these individuals can be fallacious and nothing good might come of it.

Krishna scolds Arjuna for forfeiting his sacred responsibility as a warrior. This results in a deep dialogue through which Krishna imparts his knowledge relating to the essence of yoga.

He explains that upholding our sacred responsibility is important. We’re all born with a goal and a novel means through which we serve the world and the larger good. Sacred responsibility is what governs people, society, and the universe.

Moreover, Krishna says that yoga is self-discipline, and self-discipline is the trail to enlightenment. It’s only while you domesticate self-discipline which you could uncover interior peace. He additionally talks about self-knowledge and the significance of trying inside. To know thyself is your best weapon.

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Trendy-Day Yoga – Right here's Your Information to 11 Totally different Kinds of Yoga:

Yoga has come a good distance since The Bhagavad Gita. Whereas the apply has developed over time, the purpose of yoga stays the identical: self-empowerment and enlightenment.

Listed below are 11 fashionable kinds of yoga defined:

1. Hatha

Translating to “forceful” in Sanskrit, Hatha Yoga is centered round bodily drive and asana (poses). Particularly, the purpose of this apply is to carry your thoughts and physique into steadiness.

The tempo is slower and poses are held for longer that can assist you realign and calm down, whereas additionally constructing power and adaptability.

A Newbie's Information to Hatha Yoga: What You Have to Know About This Follow

2. Kundalini

Kundalini Yoga is based on scientific ideas, specializing in the vitality channels and meridians of the physique. To realize a better state of consciousness, this apply makes use of postures, motion, and the ability of the breath to activate stress factors.

Curious? Take a look at: An Introduction to Kundalini Yoga

three. Vinyasa

In Sanskrit, vin means "to put" and yasa means "in a particular means." Within the context of yoga, that is interpreted as shifting with intention.

Vinyasa Yoga helps you stream by way of your actions mindfully, staying linked to the breath. Be one of many extra athletic kinds of yoga that helps you calm your thoughts whereas additionally strengthening your physique.

four. Iyengar

Based by B.Okay.S. Iyengar, such a yoga is targeted on alignment, breath management, and exact actions.

Iyengar additionally makes use of props, which not solely offers help to freshmen, but in addition additional extension for extra superior college students. The apply is all about sluggish and regular progress.

5. Ashtanga

This yoga model is nice for individuals who take pleasure in routine. Not like different practices, the set of poses in Ashtanga are the identical in each class.

There are six totally different collection all through the complete system: the Major, Intermediate, and the 4 Superior collection. Every collection is a development from the final, getting ready you for extra superior poses.

Ashtanga Yoga – Right here's Every little thing You Have to Know About This Highly effective Yoga Self-discipline

6. Bikram

Extra generally generally known as Sizzling Yoga, such a yoga includes a set of 26 primary postures in a room set to 105 levels.

Bikram follows the 80/20 technique of respiration, which is taking a deep breath, doing the pose, and exhaling 20 p.c of the air by way of the nostril.

7. Yin

Thought of one of the crucial soothing kinds of yoga, this apply provides us a change to seek out stillness and interior peace.

Together with decreasing stress, the advantages of Yin Yoga embody relieving rigidity, enhancing flexibility, and serving to you obtain mind-body steadiness.

eight. Restorative

Because the title suggests, Restorative Yoga focuses on relaxation, leisure, and restoration. Together with enjoyable your physique, Restorative Yoga additionally helps calm your thoughts.

Strive These four Restorative Yoga Poses to Calm down Your Physique and Thoughts

9. Prenatal

Calling all mothers to be! Prenatal Yoga is a apply designed round being pregnant, serving to ladies put together their minds and our bodies for giving delivery.

This kind of yoga includes loads of pelvic ground workout routines and breath work.

Follow This Prenatal Yoga Class to Calm down Your Physique and Join With Your Child (Free 30-Minute Video)

10. Anusara

A extra fashionable tackle Hatha Yoga, Anusara is much like Vinyasa with the one distinction being a main deal with connecting the thoughts, physique, and coronary heart.

11. Jivamukti

This yoga model combines Vinyasa with Hindu teachings, specializing in our connection to the earth and our oneness with the universe. All poses adhere to the 5 tenets of Jivamukti philosophy: shastra, bhakti, ahimsā, nāda, and dhyana.

Strive Among the Yoga Disciplines Talked about Above!

Which Yoga Model Finest Suits Your Wants? Be taught About three Kinds of Yoga + Their Advantages

Have a good time Worldwide Yoga Day By Immersing Your self in Historical past and Follow

Now that you’re nicely versed in yoga's historical past, evolution, and the various totally different kinds, you possibly can select the one best for you.

Whether or not you're simply getting began, searching for one thing enjoyable, strengthening, or the entire above, a yoga model for everybody.

Have a good time Worldwide Yoga Day by diving deeper into the historical past of the apply. Then, strive a brand new yoga self-discipline and take the celebration of this superb apply onto your mat!

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