What Is Karma? The Mom of Yoga Explains In This Uncommon Interview

Among the many Himalayan sages, just a few attain the supreme state of Samadhi, transcending bodily and psychological consciousness and reaching oneness with the Divine. Those that do are referred to as Siddha Masters, and it's in all probability secure to say that they’re karma specialists.

Siddha Masters often dwell in seclusion, many by no means leaving the Himalayas. Due to this fact, they are usually unknown to the general public.

However Yogmata Keiko Aikawa is a uncommon exception. She is the primary feminine and the primary non-Indian Siddha Grasp, and solely the second to look in public.

Meet Siddha Grasp Yogmata

Yogmata is a famend yoga grasp, sometimes called “The Mom of Yoga,” who now travels the world, selling peace by way of sermons, blessings, programs, retreats, meditations, and yoga.

She is a daily particular visitor at United Nations occasions and celebrations and obtained the title Mahamandaleshwar (the Supreme Grasp of the Universe) from India’s most vital non secular society.

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So when given the chance to interview somebody who is taken into account a Supreme Grasp of the Universe, I jumped on it.

I needed to get her tackle karma. We regularly discuss karma as a type of justice or an evidence of why dangerous issues occur to sure individuals.

However as you learn on this interview with Siddha Grasp Yogmata, karma is way larger than that. It performs an integral half – if not the one half – in how our lives unfold daily, and even minute by minute.

What Is Karma Precisely? Discover Out From Siddha Grasp Yogmata Keiko Aikawa

This may be essentially the most loaded query ever. Fortunately, we now have a Siddha Grasp to clarify every little thing we have to know.

1. YA: What’s karma?

Yogmata: Karma means motion. Whenever you do one thing, you get outcomes. If you happen to do good issues, good outcomes are produced.

There’s karma of the thoughts and of the physique. Ideas in our thoughts, phrases, and bodily motion are all karma.

An motion produces a consequence, which in flip, produces a brand new motion (or karma). This, in flip, produces a consequence. This continues with out ceasing.

This may be essentially the most loaded query ever. Fortunately, we now have a Siddha Grasp to clarify every little thing we have to know.

All of us have this. The karma that’s used once we are born into the subsequent life known as samskara.

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The karma that’s manifesting now known as bhoga. Moreover, the karma that seems sooner or later known as prarabdha. The consequence creates the longer term.

2. YA: The place did the idea of karma originate?

Yogmata: Karma was found by the Himalayan saints. They practiced meditation, immersed themselves within the deepest final Samadhi, and encountered the true Self and the Reality. They realized the adjustments within the physique and thoughts, and the unchanging everlasting existence.

They realized what karma was. They understood how all of the universe works – if this physique is a self, or if this thoughts is a self. After which they understood the everlasting being behind themselves – the unchanging being from the place every little thing emerges, and to the place every little thing goes again.

The historical past of Himalayan saints is over 5,000 years outdated. They meditated whereas pursuing the mechanism of the universe, the reality, and God, and so they clarified the reality.

three. YA: What are some widespread misconceptions about karma?

Yogmata: Karma shouldn’t be a judgment to discriminate towards others. It's not one thing to know if an individual is a foul individual or an excellent individual.

Karma shouldn’t be a judgment to discriminate towards others. It’s a hope that we will change our karma by altering our actions.

It’s a hope that we will change our karma by altering our actions. It doesn’t imply that there isn’t a hope due to karma.

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four. YA: Why is karma necessary?

Yogmata: Persons are affected by karma. People have a thoughts and karma is memorized in it. With that reminiscence, want is generated. Then, actions are born.

That’s karma. Individuals dwell, act, and create the work referred to as themselves primarily based on their karma.

5. YA: Can we alter our karma?

Yogmata: Everyone seems to be given a chance to evolve by correcting karma by way of consciousness. Solely human beings can evolve by realizing the legislation of karma and controlling it. The sacred Himalayan teachings transcend karma.

People have a thoughts and karma is memorized in it.

What karma creates turns into reminiscence. The motion is memorized, and it stays within the thoughts. The results of the motion is saved within the thoughts and physique to make the one that she or he is. If we take note of what reminiscence is, we will change our karma.

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6. YA: How do we alter our karma?

Yogmata: We encounter many issues each day. Some are good and a few are dangerous. We develop into conscious of these issues. The outcomes of our actions are actually manifesting.

We have to replicate on our actions now and proper them. For that to occur, we’ll make our actions good. We are going to make our ideas good. We are going to make our phrases good. In doing so, we will change the current and the longer term as properly.

Adverse occasions which have occurred are the dissolution of our karma. We alter the karma in order that such detrimental recollections is not going to trigger one other detrimental occasion.

And it is very important dwell with consciousness. That’s the way of life the sacred Himalayan teachings – a way of life to deepen our consciousness.

The sacred Himalayan teachings are the trail to enlightenment which adjustments our karma utterly.

7. YA: How can we make altering our karma a constant, day by day observe?

Yogmata: We do good deeds with good ideas. We resolve to take action and purify ourselves mentally. We purify the facility inside us to alter the longer term.

We do good deeds properly – for good causes. We dwell in the precise approach. We use our minds correctly. We use our physique accurately. We produce good outcomes.

We actively assist others in a approach that makes them pleased. The benefit will come again to you. And we pray for the happiness of individuals. We pray for world peace. Prayer creates good karma.

Meditation purifies karma.

We meditate. Meditation purifies karma. We purify the unconscious thoughts. We additionally return to true self the place there isn’t a karma.

Then the outcomes of the previous are purified, and we develop into snug so that we’ll not be swayed by previous detrimental vitality. We additionally awaken our consciousness and dwell within the current. We act with consciousness to maintain our minds from going into the longer term or the previous.

We attempt to not be on the mercy of karma. We will carve out our life for the higher with good karma.

A Massive YogiApproved Thank You and All of Our Gratitude to Siddha Grasp Yogmata Keiko Aikawa

Thanks a lot to Yogmata Keiko Aikawa for her thorough examination of what karma is, for sharing her knowledge, and for all her work towards world peace.

Her teachings assist remind us all the energy that we maintain. With intentional consciousness, form ideas, and good deeds, we will change not simply our karma, however our lives and your entire world round us.

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