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Vegan Protein Sources ▷ High 10 Meals for a Plant-Primarily based Weight-reduction plan

“The place do you get your protein?” It’s the primary and commonest query vegans are requested about their plant-based weight loss program. That is an particularly related subject for athletes who comply with a vegan weight loss program and have increased protein necessities. Many individuals will not be conscious that you simply don’t must eat animal merchandise like meat, eggs, and dairy to get all of your macronutrients. Vegan protein may be present in all kinds of plant-based meals. 

The 10 finest vegan protein sources 

Which meals are highest in plant-based protein? We’ve put collectively a listing of the highest vegan protein sources of vegan protein for you

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1. Lentils 

Vegan protein source: Lentils

Whether or not they’re purple, yellow, or brown, lentils are full of protein and important vitamins. They’re excessive in fiber (100 g comprise eight g of fiber), which suggests they preserve you full for hours and may help regulate physique weight. (1) Lentils are additionally wealthy in plant-based iron. That is vital for anybody affected by an iron deficiency. 


100 g of lentils (dried) incorporates 27 g of vegan protein.

2. Tofu

Vegan protein source: Tofu

Vegan protein source: Tofu

Tofu is produced from fermented soy beans and can be utilized in a mess of inventive dishes in vegan cooking. This plant-based protein may be steamed, grilled, fried, or baked. You’ll be able to eat it in chunks, crumble it (e.g. tofu scramble), and when you purée it, tofu is the right base for scrumptious lotions, smoothies, and sauces.  


100 g of tofu incorporates 15 g of vegan protein.

three. Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are the most effective vegan protein sources on the market. However have in mind –– 100 g of pumpkin seeds have nearly 500 energy, due to their excessive fats content material. They’re not a low calorie snack. Sprinkle some seeds in your breakfast granola or over your salad at lunch for a bit additional crunch. 


100 g of pumpkin seeds incorporates 37 g of vegan protein.

four. Oats

Vegan protein source: oat flakes

Vegan protein source: oat flakes

Oats are a breakfast favourite –– they’re an ideal base for granola, banana pancakes, or piping sizzling porridge. The excessive fiber content material retains you full for longer, and oats are full of B nutritional vitamins. 

Do you know which you can make non-dairy milk at house with oats and water? Combine finely floor oats with water, a date, and a pinch of salt. Then pour the combination by way of a wonderful mesh strainer. 


100 g of oats incorporates 14 g of vegan protein.

5. Seitan

Seitan –– constituted of wheat gluten –– is an particularly worthwhile vegan protein supply. The consistency is just like meat and it may be used in its place in lots of meat dishes. You may make seitan at house or simply purchase it within the grocery store (ensure that it’s natural). 

Necessary: For those who eat a gluten-free weight loss program, keep away from this vegan meals. 


100 g of seitan incorporates 28 g of vegan protein.

6. Beans

White, black, kidney beans…there are a lot of totally different sorts of pulses, and so they’re an ideal excessive protein meals. Attempt them in chili sin carne, burritos, salads, or tremendous moist chocolate brownies –– you may’t go incorrect with beans. Be sure to’ve at all times obtained some saved in your pantry.  


100 g of beans (dried) incorporates 22 g of vegan protein.

7. Almonds

A handful of almonds with an apple is the right snack to stave off meals cravings. Ever tried almond butter on a slice of entire grain bread? 

These nuts are loaded with unsaturated fat and nutritional vitamins –– equivalent to vitamin E and magnesium –– and have been proven to have a constructive impact on cardiovascular well being. (2)


100 g of almonds incorporates 29 g of vegan protein.

eight. Tempeh

Vegan protein source: tempeh

Vegan protein source: tempeh

Tempeh is produced from boiled, fermented soy beans, that are then formed into strong, nutty-flavored blocks. This soy product is among the finest vegan protein sources out there and is wealthy in minerals like magnesium, iron, potassium, and phosphorus. Like tofu, tempeh can be utilized in all kinds of how and is discovered in lots of vegan recipes.


100 g of tempeh incorporates 20 g of vegan protein.

9. Quinoa

Technically, quinoa shouldn’t be a grain however a pseudo-cereal, and it’s a should have in a plant-based weight loss program. Not solely is it excessive in vegan protein and complicated carbohydrates, it’s additionally excessive in micronutrients like magnesium, iron, potassium, and zinc. You should utilize quinoa as a facet dish like rice, make a heat breakfast porridge out of it, or get inventive with various kinds of salads.


100 g of quinoa incorporates 12 g of vegan protein.

10. Chickpeas

Vegan protein source: chickpeas

Vegan protein source: chickpeas

For those who eat a plant-based weight loss program, then you definitely in all probability can’t think about a life with out chickpeas. These pulses are identified for his or her excessive protein and fiber content material. Use them in curries, salads, or flip them into creamy hummus!  


100 g of chickpeas incorporates 19 g of vegan protein.


As you may see, there are many methods to make sure that you get sufficient vegan protein in a plant-based weight loss program. Combine all of those tasty meals into your meals commonly and also you’ll don’t have any drawback getting all of the macro and micronutrients you want. 


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