Excessive-Frequency Fats Loss – What I Realized in Lockdown

As I got here to phrases with the realities of being in lockdown I wanted to provide you with methods to assist my purchasers hold shifting in the direction of their objectives. I made a decision to take the time at house as a chance to shed some physique fats.


Clearly smart dietary selections have been going to be important to this, however with my typical bodily exercise drastically diminished (that’s what occurs whenever you commerce eight hours a day on the gymnasium ground for sitting in entrance of your laptop computer), I wanted to be clever about my coaching. One of many key instruments I used for that’s high-frequency weighted cardio.



To have the ability to take a high-frequency method to any coaching technique you want to have the ability to get well rapidly. In terms of high-frequency coaching, excessive ranges of muscle harm and being sore for days are public enemy primary!


There’s one usually uncared for coaching technique that causes nearly zero muscle harm, however gives a strong coaching stimulus. And that’s the technique I’ll used to lean down throughout lockdown. So, this is how I progressed on my lockdown plan.


Concentric-Solely Coaching

There are two foremost phases of muscle contraction throughout resistance coaching:


Concentric Muscle Coaching Eccentric Muscle Coaching


The concentric part is when a muscle shortens underneath stress. You’ll be able to consider this because the lifting part. The eccentric is when the muscle lengthens underneath stress. That is the decreasing part.


The eccentric part is the place a lot of the muscle harm happens. Eliminating the eccentric phases means you’ll be able to cut back the stress, muscle harm, and breakdown that happens with conventional coaching.


I wouldn’t recommend excluding all eccentric coaching type your program indefinitely because the eccentric portion of the carry does carry many advantages and is a key piece of the scale and energy puzzle. Nevertheless, tactically eradicating the eccentric part from sure components of your coaching can have highly effective advantages.


Concentric-only coaching creates the potential for:


Increased coaching frequency Extra quantity



These are each very helpful in relation to fats loss. Even higher, a 2017 examine (Inventory et al., 2017) confirmed that concentric-only energy coaching (involving minimal muscle harm) produced hypertrophy in simply three – four weeks. So, concentric coaching can assist you get lean and acquire (or least protect) muscle mass.


Analysis exhibits that concentric-only coaching produces a lot increased metabolic calls for than eccentric coaching (Kraemer et al., 2001). Considerably higher VO2 and lactic acid ranges are reached with concentric-only coaching. This elevated metabolic price equates to extra energy burned.


Improved Restoration with Concentric-Solely Coaching

Concentric-only coaching could be very fashionable in damage rehab packages. Within the early levels of rehab many therapists use excessive frequency concentric-only coaching because the first-step in strengthening muscle mass.


Improved restoration from damage is one good thing about concentric solely coaching. Enhanced restoration between periods can be a giant plus of concentric solely work.


Stimulating blood stream to the working muscle mass improves the restoration time from one heavy session to the following. That is why concentric solely coaching is such an ideal addition to your common exercises.


Bonus Coaching Not Overtraining

Concentric-only coaching means you are able to do “additional” or “bonus” coaching with a a lot decrease danger of overtraining. Concentric solely work lets you get a coaching stimulus with out the mechanical or neurological fatigue that common coaching causes. Consequently, you are able to do extra coaching with minimal danger of it interfering along with your typical lifting periods.


The extra you’ll be able to prepare with out exceeding your capability to get well the higher your outcomes. The truth that concentric coaching provides you the power to extend your workload with out exceeding your restoration capability is a large bonus in relation to successful the physique fats battle!


Powerlifters, Concentric Lifts and Conditioning

Westside Barbell popularised concentric-only coaching with using sleds for conditioning work. Pushing and pulling a sled is an extremely efficient fats burning exercise. I’ve used it within the packages of numerous purchasers to nice impact. It’s among the best methods to maximise fats loss whereas minimising muscle loss.


In contrast to conventional cardio, sled work entails comparatively excessive ranges of resistance. This resistance indicators the physique to maintain maintain of muscle. Consequently, you don’t waste away to wanting like a marathon runner when performing weighted vitality system work.


Concentric-Solely Coaching at House

Sadly, I don’t have a sled or sufficient out of doors house to make use of one. Dwelling in central London means house is at an actual premium. What I do have is 6 flights of stairs in my residence block and these are what I’m utilizing to get the identical advantages of sled work.


Right here is how:


I load my again pack up with books and dumbbells I stroll up the six flights of stairs I get within the carry and return to the bottom ground I repeat for 5-10 units


Strolling upstairs is a predominantly a concentric exercise. By loading my backpack up with textbooks and dumbbells I’m able to add 50 lbs of exterior load. Strolling up the steps is like doing 100 weighted step-ups.


I get within the carry to return down as a result of I’m lazy. Clearly, I’m joking, there’s truly technique to my insanity/laziness. Strolling downstairs with 50 lbs of additional weight entails plenty of eccentric work and causes loads of muscle harm.


Strolling up and down stairs would imply that I’d be sore and restoration would take longer. Consequently, I wouldn’t be capable to do that every day. Since I’m wanting to make use of this technique as my day by day cardio taking the carry down is the good selection.


So, when you have a again pack, one thing heavy to place in it and a staircase, you may get shredded whereas self-isolating.


Now, it appears to be like like there’s a sense of normality returning, though I feel some individuals should select to exercise at house till they really feel comfy going right into a gymnasium. Join with my on my Tom MacCormick Instagram account and message me should you want some assist.

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