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Easy methods to overcoming emotions that destroy or Compulsive Consuming

Have you ever ever felt so lonely that it made you seize that bathtub of ice cream on the fridge and eat it whereas your tears had been flowing? Or have you ever ever felt so overjoyed that you just ate loads whereas laughing and speaking to others about your thrilling expertise? Sure, all of us like to eat it doesn’t matter what the circumstance is. Meals are a fundamental necessity in life. Even when we’re not too emotional, we eat as a result of it’s a lifestyle.

Everybody is aware of that we eat to get nourishment and to remain wholesome. However, an excessive amount of consuming can be placed on extra physique weight, which may result in being unhealthy. Changing into obese could be demanding. I do know, I have been there. I used to be naturally slim however as I age, my metabolism turns into slower, thus, gaining these further kilos on the dimensions. However, I used to be in a position to overcome that. I will not write right here about how I misplaced weight however I would wish to deal with emotional consumption. Considered one of my on-line associates impressed me to jot down this. She broke up along with her boyfriend, was in a position to transfer on, however, is now getting emotional once more. Oh effectively…

All of us have nice and horrible days. Now, some individuals eat loads each time they really feel emotional or wired. I do not know the explanation however consuming could make us really feel higher. However, the truth nonetheless stands that when you eat excessively, you’ll be placed on further weight, which isn’t simple to lose. So, what triggers us to turn out to be an emotional eater? Attempt to ask these inquiries to your self:

-Have you ever not too long ago skilled a painful breakup or lack of a beloved one?

-Have you ever been feeling wired at work?

-Has there been any unresolved household or private issues that is been bothering you?

If you happen to reply “sure” to any of the questions above, chances are high you are perhaps an emotional eater. Assess your self – do you eat even while you’re not hungry? I used to be an emotional eater. Throughout these instances, when nervousness assaults, I flip to my “consolation meals” akin to ice cream, candies, desserts, doughnuts, and different candy treats. Till I noticed that I had already gained an excessive amount of weight and that my garments will not match anymore. It isn’t simply all about staying match and sustaining the physique I need. It is all about staying wholesome. So, let me share how I used to be in a position to overcome being an emotional eater:


I accepted the truth that I eat loads each time I really feel wired or emotional. I imagine that is the first step in overcoming emotional consuming. When you’ve gotten already accepted that truth, then it will be simpler so that you can pause and assume first every time you really feel the urge to chunk that large slice of pizza simply since you get disenchanted or issues did not go your method.

“Am I actually hungry?”

That is one thing it is best to ask your self earlier than reaching for that bathtub of ice cream or earlier than you chunk that large chocolate bar. I learn someplace on the Web (sorry, I forgot the place I bought this info) that every time you “assume” you might be hungry, drink a glass of water first as a result of thirst could also be confused with starvation. The identical factor could be utilized to compulsive consumption. Every time you really feel anxious, drink a glass of water first. Then assume and ask your self, “Am I actually hungry?” earlier than consuming.


That is one behavior I made myself develop and I used to be so proud the primary time I had averted compulsive consuming. That point, I had a tough night time at work (I used to work at nights) and after I bought dwelling within the morning, I used to be virtually tempted to order a burger from a quick meal supply however I modified my thoughts. As an alternative, I modified my garments and wore my trainers. I jogged and circled the neighborhood. I felt amazed as a result of for the primary time, I had observed the color of my neighbors’ homes, the girl with 5 cats, and the joyful kids strolling their approach to college. It was like I had simply moved in however I’ve been dwelling in the identical neighborhood for greater than 5 years now. After a wholesome sweat, I went dwelling, took a fast bathe, had breakfast (a wholesome one without burger and doughnuts), and felt joyful. And sure, I didn’t overeat.

Divert your consideration

What when you abruptly felt nervous, excited, or temperamental? You may focus your consideration on different issues. What I do is I write it on a bit of paper, or to my diary (yeah, I nonetheless maintain a diary.) Or you may hearken to good music or watch a very good present – simply keep away from reaching out for popcorn. Or whether it is potential and protected for you to take action, you could exit for a stroll. Simply stroll calmly and breathe. Do one thing that might focus your consideration on one thing else other than consuming – besides after all, if you end up hungry.

Deal with your self

I by no means stay away from ice cream, doughnuts, desserts, candies, and different candy stuff I like. Overcoming compulsive consuming doesn’t suggest you need to let go of the stuff you like (at the very least, that is what I believe). What I do is I eat these hardly ever and I simply eat them to reward myself. Just like the time after I was in a position to end all my DIY wedding ceremony invites, I felt joyful and thought I deserved a reward. So I had three scoops of my favorite ice cream. Sure, I nonetheless had ice cream however I did not devour the entire tub. I had three scoops as a result of I imagine I deserved it. And that was all.
Overcoming emotional consumption shouldn’t be a simple activity. In some circumstances, you would possibly want to hunt skilled recommendations that can assist you to enhance your effectively-being employing unwinding procedures, honing your vital considering talents, and controlling your feelings. Search skilled assist and get your loved ones concerned too.

Simply to remind you, I’m not an expert. I’m simply merely sharing my expertise. It will be finest to speak to a specialist in this discipline.

How about you? Have you ever been a compulsive eater? How had been you in a position to overcome emotional consumption? Be at liberty to share your feedback and ideas on the remark part. Thanks for studying!

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