Discovering Escapability in Olympic Weightlifting

That is a type of matters that not often come up in discussions of weightlifting approach, however it may well show to be the reason for issues. One in every of them is that it might inhibit a lifter from making a finest effort to finish a lifetime PR. I unknowingly developed my escapability when as a teen my dad and mom enrolled me in judo classes.


Within the sport of judo, there’s a fixed twin happening in an try to position oneself in a extra favorable place in order to beat the opponent. One athlete could also be thrown by the opponent however can place the physique so full level just isn’t scored.



This will finally result in a reversal on the mat. This ceaseless jockeying for place and leverage goes on all through the match till one combatant is said the winner or the time clock ends the match. A key ability that’s acquired in judo is that of escapability—the flexibility to get out of a deadly state of affairs, typically in a really temporary period of time.


Rediscovering Escapability

So I knew I had this ability after I start weightlifting. I didn’t suppose a lot of it, didn’t place any emphasis on it, and have by no means considered teaching it till just lately. I found the worth of it someday, nonetheless, after I bought right into a state of affairs that was probably perilous.


It was a traditional coaching session on the outdated Downtown LA YMCA. There have been about 6 or 7 of the common lifters there together with coach Bob Hise II, and we had been working up in clear & jerk singles.


My legs had at all times lagged behind my clear, however something I might arise with, I might jerk with glorious elbow lock. This explicit event was on the finish of every week of heavy coaching and we had been in all probability extra fatigued than we realized.


I bought as much as 110 which was a 90% weight. I cleaned it with some issue and did a typical grinder to face. At that time, I figured that I had the jerk nailed. I drove the load straight overhead and to my shock, my elbows did not lock and the load started to drop from overhead.


On many events, it might have been regular to then lose the load ahead or behind and simply step out from beneath it, however this time it might solely come straight down. And it did! It truly hit my head. In a flash, I noticed I might get severely injured if I didn’t do one thing.


Adrenaline hit and it was a life saver. I instantly pancaked and went spreadeagle. I beat the bar down ensuring to launch my grip on the bar in order that I wouldn’t threat a wrist harm.


On the best way down I noticed that my head was deeper than it was broad so as an alternative of face-planting I turned my head to the facet as I hit the ground. Superb what goes by your thoughts in a time of maximum peril.


The bar hit the ground, didn’t injure something, and simply rolled ahead barely nicking my facet turned head. The complete incident was extra embarrassment than an indicator of failure.



I walked away relieved however much more assured in my means to flee peril.



I didn’t take into consideration this in any respect for a lot of my teaching profession. A lot of that point nearly all of lifters that I coached had been juniors and seniors. The vast majority of them had begun their athletic careers at an early age and discovered many common athletic abilities. I witnessed quite a few harrowing escapes made doable by the escapability abilities of some distinctive athletes.


Recently, I’ve been working with extra Grasp athletes, lots of whom have began their athletic careers after the age of 40. They’d not been concerned in grappling or bodily contact sports activities had been escapability abilities are developed.


Consequently, they’re hesitant about descending within the backside place of the snatch and fewer continuously the cut up of the jerk. Within the case of the snatch, the standard pondering was that there was a mobility difficulty, however since then I feel we’ve all discovered that many who’re hesitant about descending into the snatch can do a correct overhead squat. So it’s not a mobility difficulty.


My take is that a number of of my grasp athletes who’re hesitant about descending into the complete snatch place are inhibited by a insecurity of their escapability abilities.


I don’t have a technique for coping with this downside. My preliminary statement is that escapability is acquired throughout a sure window of time, throughout the youthful ages. I suppose that somebody might provide you with a pathway to buying these abilities, however I’m undecided that lots of our typical train protocols could be very efficient.


I’m simply figuring out a state of affairs right here. I feel that any coaches working with novice grasp athletes ought to maintain this in thoughts when they’re coping with this inhabitants. A few of them might by no means be capable of descend right into a backside place with out leaving themselves an escape route.


This will even apply to athletes who’ve good shoulder mobility however nonetheless want to maintain the pinnacle from being positioned immediately beneath the bar within the jerk. Ah, effectively. One other dilemma to ponder!


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